Thursday, August 18, 2011

Students From China and Ukraine Demonstrate in Pennsylania, USA

More fifth columnists enter the US, this time as "students"!!
If this rabble were back in China or Ukraine, they would be shut up in prison before the story got out! SEND THE SCUM BACK HOME!
PALMYRA, Pa. — Hundreds of foreign students, waving their fists and shouting defiantly in many languages, walked off their jobs on Wednesday at a plant here that packs Hershey’s chocolates, saying a summer program that was supposed to be a cultural exchange had instead turned them into underpaid labor. 
In the protest on Wednesday, about 200 students who were scheduled to start work on an evening shift at 3 p.m. walked into the plant and presented a petition with several hundred signatures to a management representative. Then, together with some students coming off the daytime shift, they marched out.
Monica Lopossay for The New York Times
“There is no cultural exchange, none, none,” a student from China said. “It is just work, work faster, work.”
Monica Lopossay for The New York Times
One student scrawled contact numbers on her legs.
Monica Lopossay for The New York Times
The students walked off their jobs at a plant in Palmyra, Pa.
They came down the driveway to the plant, with semi-trailer trucks wheeling by, chanting, “We are the students, the mighty, mighty students!” and labor slogans in English as well as their own languages. The students said they believed that so many of them walking off their jobs would stop some production on their shifts.
“We want to own our rights,” Ms. Zhao said, speaking in English. She and three other Chinese students held out their arms, pointing to bruises they said they had from moving large boxes.
Representatives from two American labor unions participated in the rally at an intersection outside the plant. Three labor officials, including Rick Bloomingdale, president of the Pennsylvania State Federation of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., and Neal Bisno, president of a Pennsylvania branch of the Service Employees International Union, staged a brief sit-in at the plant entrance and were arrested.

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