Thursday, August 11, 2011

George Soros Beat Up and Strangled Former Lover


Greedy and Stupid!! Go to bed with a cannibal, wake up chewed!! Still, I can't imagine for a moment at the age of 80 - if he ever was capable of such a conception - that he was EVER passionate in bed!

But maybe a promise to give her a BIG apartment WAS the turn-on!!

Billionaire financier George Soros is being sued for $50 million by his former lover - a 28-year-old Brazilian soap star who claims he physically abused her and broke a promise to give her a Manhattan apartment.

Adriana Ferreyr claims her 80-year-old former boyfriend slapped her across the face and placed his hands around her neck in a bid to choke her while they argued about the $1.9million flat. It states that the actress was dating Mr Soros, estimated to be worth about £14.5billion, for around five years. During that time he promised to give her an apartment at 30 East 85th Street, worth $1.9 million and a city block from Central Park.

But before she got the chance to take possession of the generous gift Mr Soros abruptly called off the relationship.

Her lawsuit claims that, despite his 'heartless' rejection, the couple briefly reignited their relationship, and that it was during a passionate night in bed that the billionaire let slip with a whisper in her ear that he had promised the apartment to another woman.

Miss Ferreyr reacted badly to this news and an ensuing argument allegedly turned violent.
Loving couple: George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr in an undated photo. Miss Ferreyr has filed a $50m lawsuit after their five-year relationship ended acrimoniously



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