Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Blaze reports that StandWithUs, the group publishing the Captain Israel comic, is going to take on the horrifically written Foreskin Man, the book that resorts to anti-semitic stereotypes in its attack on circumcision, yet never seems to have any problem with how Islam also uses similar steps. Arlen Schumer, one of the people who created Capt. Israel, told the Jewish Ledger:
“By using classic antisemitic caricatures, by turning the mohel into a monster, the anti-circumcision group makes the ritual seem devilish,” says Arlen Schumer, a Westport-based comic-book historian, commercial illustrator, and creator of Jewish superhero Captain Israel, currently being published in a comic-book series by L.A.-based Israel advocacy group, StandWithUs.

Schumer is also troubled by the issue’s closing image, of the “intactivists” burning a towering structure made of appropriated “circumstraints,” topped with the group’s symbol. “It resembles a burning cross, the trademark of the KKK, who sees the Jews as Enemy One,” he says. “So the illustrator is trading not only on the blood libel, European Christian Antisemitism through the ages, and Aryan and Jewish stereotypes, but also on the ultimate American Christian Antisemitism, as fostered by the KKK.”
Truly the people behind that abominable comic in Frisco are repulsive deviants of the human race if they're going to resort to some of the darkest stereotypes in the cellar. I'm glad to learn that Schumer has decided to counter Hess' sick, prejudiced propaganda.

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